2016/2017 K-12 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Tuition: Tuition is based on the number of students attending from within a family per the charts below for Non-HPBC* Member and HPBC Member rates.

*HPBC: Highland Park Baptist Church

Non-HPBC Member



Middle School

(Grades 6-8)

High School

(Grades 9-12)

1st Student $9,230 $9,590 $9,810  
2nd Student $8,800 $9,140 $9,350  
3rd Student $5,970 $6,240 $6,390  
4th (or more) Student No Charge No Charge No Charge  
HPBC Member



Middle School

(Grades 6-8)

High School

(Grades 9-12)

1st Student $7,160 $7,430 $7,640  
2nd Student $6,850 $7,080 $7,290  
3rd Student $4,690 $4,820 $4,960  
4th (or more) Student No Charge No Charge No Charge  


Enrollment Fees

Enrollment Fees: The enrollment fee for new SCS families is $275 for the first student and $125 for each additional student. For returning SCS students, the re-enrollment fee is $275 per family. For new students of current SCS families, the enrollment fee is $125 per new student enrolled. Enrollment fees are due at the time of acceptance or re-enrollment. Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Ancillary Fees

Most voluntary student activities must be pre-paid. Voluntary activities include, but are not limited to, athletics, trips, clubs, Eagle’s Nest Cafe purchases, lunch/milk program, pizza days, jeans days and other events that are not part of the Activity Fee. Items that are not prepaid will be billed as ancillary fees through FACTS.

Activities Fees

$100 for each K-5 student, $150 for each middle school student and $200 for each high school student for class dues, mandatory activities and programs that are required of all students, but not covered by tuition. 

Athletic Fees

Each sport for which a student wishes to participate requires a fee of $50 or $75 (for travel sports) in grades K-5, $100 for grades 6-8, or $125 for grades 9-12. Additional fees of $75 and $200 are charged for golf and football, respectively. Athletic fees must be paid before the student may participate in a practice.

Trip Deposits

Students wishing to participate in any special, out-of-state trips that are administered by SCS must pay the designated fees and any cash deposits that are determined by the responsible principal or administrator.

Refund Policy

Tuition will be prorated through the day of transfer or withdrawal. Any prepaid tuition is also refundable. All enrollment fees, activities fees, trip deposits and athletic fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Payment Schedule

Each family has the choice to pay in full by July 20th, or to set up an automatic payment plan through the FACTS Management Company. When you register your payment plan with FACTS, you may select either a two-pay plan or a ten month plan, July-April. Monthly plans must be fully paid by April 20, 2017. Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions about the FACTS service.

Delinquency Policy

Tuition and Fees payments are due on their scheduled payment dates. Tuition payments not made on their scheduled due dates are subject to a $30 returned payment fee by FACTS. Any missed payments will result in students being dismissed from class. Records and transcripts will only be forwarded to another school or college for students whose accounts are fully paid.

Tuition Discounts

Some families may also qualify for one of the following tuition reductions. • Full-time Christian Worker • Career missionary families • Employee of SCS or HPBC

Tuition Assistance Opportunities

Tuition Assistance is based on a family's financial need and available funding. Tuition Assistance provides partial assistance for families that have been offered admissions and meet the financial need requirements. Please see our Tuition Assistance page or call the Business Office at 248.357.3660 ext. 248 for more information.


Questions about this schedule and school policies can be directed to the Business Manager, at (248) 357-3660 ext. 248.

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