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The heart of Southfield Christian School is our faculty.  Their dedication, passion, and expertise give life to our mission and reality to our vision.  They carry out this mission daily through their innovative instruction, care and discipleship of students, and their willingness to serve.  Southfield Christian's faculty are very mission focused and purpose driven, modeling for students what it looks like to answer and commit to God's call.  They relentlessly pursue excellence and, therefore, require the best from both their students and themselves.

SCS has 61 faculty members with 62% holding advanced degrees and two faculty holding doctoral degrees. The average faculty tenure is 12 years with an average of 17 years teaching experience.

Contact Us

Address: 28650 Lahser Rd Southfield, MI 48034
Phone: 248.357.3660
Business Office Fax: 248.356.2810
High School Fax: 248.357.5271
General Email Inquiry: info@southfieldchristian.org
Admissions Inquiry: admissions@southfieldchristian.org

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Southfield Christian School is located on the Southeast corner of 12 Mile and Lahser Road in Southfield, Michigan. Our business office is generally open 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

School Board

Antonio Stokes - Chair
Kurt Siebenaller - Vice Chair & Treasurer
Jessica Jenkins - Secretary

Jennifer Brightwell
Jeanne Christie
Mambwe Deen
Leola Gee
Troy Green
Kenneth Johnson

Paul Prestel
Sam Reddypogu
Ann Ruppenthal

Employee Directory

List of 96 members.

  • Photo of Mary Ellen Alfredson

    Mary Ellen Alfredson 

    Director of Human Resources
    248-357-3660 ext.291
  • Photo of Olivia Alfredson

    Olivia Alfredson 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Loriel Archer

    Loriel Archer 

    EL Dean & Technology Teacher
  • Photo of La'Tasha Askew

    La'Tasha Askew 

  • Photo of Peggy Baggs

    Peggy Baggs 

    HS Math Teacher
  • Photo of Daniel Baughman

    Daniel Baughman 

    HS Bible Teacher & Chapel Coordinator
  • Photo of Ruth Bennefield

    Ruth Bennefield 

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Leann Bigos

    Leann Bigos 

    248-357-3660 ext.259
  • Photo of Shanel Bishop

    Shanel Bishop 

    School Social Worker
  • Photo of May Boudreaux

    May Boudreaux 

    Administrative Office Assistant
  • Photo of Deborah Bowman

    Deborah Bowman 

    High School Media Specialist
  • Photo of Cheryl Bricker

    Cheryl Bricker 

    EL Reading Specialist
  • Photo of Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown 

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Jane Cagwin

    Jane Cagwin 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Scott Cairo

    Scott Cairo 

    Elementary Principal
  • Photo of Kevin Casillas

    Kevin Casillas 

    Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Debbie Christenson

    Debbie Christenson 

  • Photo of Andrew Christopherson

    Andrew Christopherson 

    Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Laurel Christopherson

    Laurel Christopherson 

    English Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.262
  • Photo of Debbie Collins

    Debbie Collins 

    Admissions Coordinator
    248-357-3660 ext.305
  • Photo of Marilyn Comer

    Marilyn Comer 

    Lunch / Recess Aide
  • Photo of Todd Crouch

    Todd Crouch 

    248-357-3660 ext.315
  • Photo of Sandy Davenport

    Sandy Davenport 

    Dir. of Admissions and Communications
    248-357-3660 ext.258
  • Photo of Dorothy Devine

    Dorothy Devine 

    Kindergarten Aide
  • Photo of John Devine

    John Devine 

    HS Economics and Accounting Teacher
  • Photo of Timothy Donnan

    Timothy Donnan 

    Athletic Director
    248-357-3660 ext.243
  • Photo of Peggy Dunigan

    Peggy Dunigan 

    Lunch/Recess Aide
  • Photo of D. Juanelle Emerson

    D. Juanelle Emerson 

    Lunch/Recess Aide
  • Photo of Carrie Fair

    Carrie Fair 

    EL Chapel Coordinator
  • Photo of Freddie Featherstone

    Freddie Featherstone 

    Bible Teacher & Male Discipleship
  • Photo of Elizabeth Foote

    Elizabeth Foote 

    Science Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.421
  • Photo of Joe Foote

    Joe Foote 

    Social Studies Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.315
  • Photo of Charmain Ford

    Charmain Ford 

    After School Care & Lunch/Recess Aide
  • Photo of Sharon Gibson-Bivins

    Sharon Gibson-Bivins 

    After School Care
  • Photo of Meredith Greenwell

    Meredith Greenwell 

    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Jeremy Gross

    Jeremy Gross 

    Support Center Technician & V Boys and Girls Soccer Coach
  • Photo of Will Guerra

    Will Guerra 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Elizabeth Hall

    Elizabeth Hall 

  • Photo of Josephus Hardaway

    Josephus Hardaway 

  • Photo of Bob Harrison

    Bob Harrison 

  • Photo of Andrew Hoffenbacher

    Andrew Hoffenbacher 

    Director of Finance
  • Photo of Sue Hoffenbacher

    Sue Hoffenbacher 

    Director of Instruction and High School Discipline
    248-357-3660 ext.257
  • Photo of Veronica Hoskins

    Veronica Hoskins 

    Lunch/Recess Aide
  • Photo of Katie Beth Hostetter

    Katie Beth Hostetter 

    English and Drama Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.262
  • Photo of Tynesha Jackson

    Tynesha Jackson 

    Recess Aide & After School Care
  • Photo of Clara Jones

    Clara Jones 

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Laurel Jones

    Laurel Jones 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Lori Kileen

    Lori Kileen 

    Prekindergarten Aide
  • Photo of Barb Killewald

    Barb Killewald 

    Secretary -Lunch - After School Care
    248-357-3660 ext.266
  • Photo of Stephanie Kirklin

    Stephanie Kirklin 

    Math Teacher
  • Photo of Leslie Kragt

    Leslie Kragt 

    Administrative Secretary - Middle School
    248-357-3660 ext.318
  • Photo of Chris Kuhn

    Chris Kuhn 

    MS & HS Band and Music Teacher
  • Photo of Mary Edna Lafata

    Mary Edna Lafata 

    P.E. Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.273
  • Photo of Jaime Lederman

    Jaime Lederman 

    Music Teacher
  • Photo of Naomi Marbry

    Naomi Marbry 

    Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Shara Marbry

    Shara Marbry 

    MS Dir. of Academic Services & P.E. Teacher
  • Photo of Tressa Matthews

    Tressa Matthews 

    High School Principal
    248-357-3660 ext.261
  • Photo of Andrew McFerrin

    Andrew McFerrin 

    Assistant Athletic Director
  • Photo of Nicole Nesbitt

    Nicole Nesbitt 

    2nd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Amy Parris

    Amy Parris 

    3rd Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Christina Peters

    Christina Peters 

    5th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Erin  Puckett

    Erin  Puckett 

  • Photo of Janis Ray

    Janis Ray 

    Graphic Art Director
    248-357-3660 ext.301
  • Photo of Nneka Rideout

    Nneka Rideout 

    Crossing Guard & School Store Manger
  • Photo of Christy Salamon

    Christy Salamon 

    Elementary Librarian
    248-357-3660 ext. 288
  • Photo of Mike Salter

    Mike Salter 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Schoon

    Jennifer Schoon 

    Prekindergarten Aide
  • Photo of Sophia Sharp

    Sophia Sharp 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Dwight Sims

    Dwight Sims 

    Lunch & Recess Aide
  • Photo of Bethany Smith

    Bethany Smith 

    Prekindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Eunyi Smith

    Eunyi Smith 

    Math & Reading Extensions Teacher
  • Photo of Ileah-Mare Smith-Allen

    Ileah-Mare Smith-Allen 

  • Photo of Jana Smith-Seals

    Jana Smith-Seals 

    Administrative Secretary - Elementary
  • Photo of Beth Speier

    Beth Speier 

    K-12 Director of Academic Support and PK Director
  • Photo of Chanta Stanley

    Chanta Stanley 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of Kate Stevens

    Kate Stevens 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of Gwen Sullivan

    Gwen Sullivan 

    Middle School Principal
  • Photo of Phyllis Taylor

    Phyllis Taylor 

    Lunch/Recess Aide
  • Photo of Melissa Tucker

    Melissa Tucker 

    Prekindergarten Aide
  • Photo of Michael Van Dyke

    Michael Van Dyke 

    P.E. Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.251
  • Photo of Abigail Veldman

    Abigail Veldman 

    Prekindergarten Aide
  • Photo of Sara Veldman

    Sara Veldman 

    Advancement Coordinator
  • Photo of Elizabeth Villarreal

    Elizabeth Villarreal 

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Jennifer Vowles

    Jennifer Vowles 

    Prekindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Megan Vowles

    Megan Vowles 

    4th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Crystal Voytal

    Crystal Voytal 

    MS Language Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Allison Ward

    Allison Ward 

    Bus Fleet Supervisor
  • Photo of Peter Ward

    Peter Ward 

    Math Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.261
  • Photo of Libby Waterbury

    Libby Waterbury 

    Social Studies Teacher & Student Activities Dir.
    248-357-3660 ext.234
  • Photo of Christopher Webber

    Christopher Webber 

    Director of IT
    248-357-3660 ext. 313
  • Photo of Michelle Williamson

    Michelle Williamson 

    Lunch/Recess Aide
  • Photo of Debora Wilson

    Debora Wilson 

    HS Chemistry Teacher
  • Photo of Lindsay Wolfe

    Lindsay Wolfe 

    English Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.262
  • Photo of Renee Wood

    Renee Wood 

    French Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.298
  • Photo of Krysten Wright

    Krysten Wright 

    6th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Robin Wyatt

    Robin Wyatt 

    Math Teacher
Located in Southfield, Michigan, Southfield Christian School is a private Christian school educating young men and women in grades Preschool-12. Students benefit from a challenging, college-preparatory education grounded on the principles of the Bible, Southfield Christian School seeks to prepare young people to live full and productive lives.

A Ministry of Highland Park Baptist Church