Strategic Initiatives

Pressing Toward the Mark: Our Core Values

The core values of SCS provide a deeper understanding and specific articulation of the school’s mission. These values reflect our commitment to honor and reflect the character of Jesus Christ as an educational ministry and serve as the standard by which we measure the effectiveness of our program. In essence, these values are simultaneously who we are and who we strive to be, as Paul says in Philippians 3:12-14:

“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

We press on towards the goal ... with Our Minds

WE VALUE academic excellence by adhering to rigorous standards that prepare students for admission to and success in college.
WE VALUE intellectual virtue by cultivating students’ ability to think critically and apply their knowledge with discernment.
WE VALUE a biblical worldview by training students to examine each subject area through the lens of scripture.
WE VALUE wisdom by recognizing that our minds must be renewed by God to ensure our intellect honors the one who created it.

We press on towards the goal ... with our Talents

WE VALUE talents by recognizing them as gifts given by God to the body of Christ (students) to unify and galvanize it for the singular purpose of glorifying Him.
WE VALUE God’s unique gifting to each student by encouraging them to explore their spiritual, intellectual, artistic, and athletic abilities.
WE VALUE each student’s God given talents by assisting students in discovering and understanding them; inspiring and equipping students to develop them; and in providing opportunities to use and serve with them.

We press on towards the goal ... with Our Lives

WE VALUE discipleship by challenging students to develop an authentic and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and provide teachers, experiences, and curriculum that nurture a deep, abiding, and enduring faith.
WE VALUE relationship by intentionally partnering with families, local church bodies, and surrounding neighborhoods to promote Christ-centered community.
WE VALUE each student as image bearers of Christ by honoring their diverse history and heritage.
WE VALUE lives that honor Christ by encouraging the development of Christian character through:
Honor (Philippians 2:3), Integrity (Leviticus 19:11), Respect (Psalm 24:1), Responsibility (Hebrews 4:13), and Diligence (Colossians 3:23)
WE VALUE servant leadership by following Christ’s example of genuine compassion that compels action through generosity, advocacy, and service for those in need.

Pressing Toward the Mark: Our Plan

Strategic Initiative #1 - Enhancement of Our Academic and Spiritual Programs

Ensure that our students are prepared academically and spiritually for the future that God has designed them for.

Rationale: Southfield Christian School is, at its core, a Christ-Centered, college preparatory school. Parents choose to send their children to this school because they believe they are getting an excellent education inside of a biblical worldview with teachers who are concerned with the spiritual development of their children. It is of utmost importance that we continue to provide this education while also pushing towards greater heights (pursuing excellence).

Strategic Initiative #2 - Cultural Competency

Ensure that SCS fosters an educational community that acknowledges, understands, values and leverages the benefits of cultural diversity for the purpose of graduating students equipped to effectively live, lead and serve within a multicultural society.

Rationale: Recognizing that SCS is a diverse community, situated in a multicultural urban area, we affirm that the development of cultural competency is imperative to our success at all levels of the organization – Administration, Faculty & Staff, Students, and Family Community. Educators must consider the different cultures and values of their students and their respective families and explore how to meet the needs of each student by acknowledging, respecting and accommodating the culture and value systems from which they came. As believers in Christ, we can do no less. It is important that we do not merely reflect diversity, but embrace it by intentionally highlighting the cultures present within the school and global community, seeking opportunities to learn more about those cultures, and cherishing their valuable perspectives.

Strategic Initiative #3 - Financial Longevity

Ensure long term financial sustainability so that SCS can remain a leader in offering biblically integrated and academically rigorous educational experiences for future generations.

Rationale: There is no shortage of organizations and important causes in need of financial support. Daily, believers have to decide to whom and how much to give to those ministries that have impact for the kingdom. Without the proper financial backing even the worthiest of causes will fail. Christian education is no different. In order to continue providing young men and women with a strong academic foundation for college and a firm Christian perspective for life, SCS needs to develop more sustainable sources of funding. This funding, necessary to provide for day-to- day maintenance and renovations, financial aid and new programming ideas, is also critical as we intentionally plan for future growth and important building updates. By working toward the following goals, and through deep dependence on Jesus Christ, Southfield Christian can continue to uphold the two main priorities of the school: the pursuit of both high academic achievement and a strong relationship with Christ.

Strategic Initiative #4 - Facility Master Planning

Ensure that SCS continues to be a school that connects students to learning by adopting an ongoing schedule of updating, renovating and revitalizing existing facilities.

Rationale: SCS is not a building; it’s a community of teachers, learners, and leaders. SCS athletics is not a program; it’s a dynamic group of athletes and coaches that strive to develop the physical talents with which they’ve been blessed and represent Christ on every court or field they compete. Fine arts at SCS is not a band or art room; it is a collection of artists with a shared understanding that God can be glorified through melody and media. Therefore we want the facilities, tools, and resources we utilize at SCS to always reflect the level of excellence to which we aspire and not to become a weight that keeps us from soaring.
Pursuing Excellence for the Glory of God.

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