Grades K-5

Southfield Christian Elementary School provides a proven Christ-centered academic education, supported by experiences and opportunities in the fine arts and age appropriate sports, ensuring students are well-prepared for the college preparatory curriculum of Southfield Christian Secondary school.

Beginning in our all-day kindergarten, students are stimulated daily in academic studies which stress reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as art, music, Spanish, physical education, computer education, and enrichment activities. These are provided in the context of Christian faith. Daily Bible classes, weekly chapels, and an annual Spiritual Emphasis Week are a regular part of the school program.

At Southfield Christian Elementary School, students, under the direction of Christian teachers, are encouraged to grow spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Our spiritual goal is to nurture the relationship students have with Christ. Our academic goal is to prepare students intellectually for higher education. Our social goal is to offer students Biblical guidelines and instructions for healthy personal social relationships. Included in this is the aesthetical goal of offering students exposure to and instruction in the various genre of fine arts. Our physical goal is to offer students Biblical guidelines and instructions for a healthy lifestyle.

Excellent facilities and instructional resources support reaching the stated goals. Text books are regularly updated, and a wide variety of print, audio-visual, and software-based resources provide further support. Southfield Christian Elementary School boasts a well-maintained and continually improved library, as well as a state-of-the-art Macintosh computer laboratory, featuring wireless internet connection. Each large, well-lit, and attractively decorated classroom is equipped with several computers to support learning. Class sizes are twenty for kindergarten, twenty-one for first grade, twenty-two for second grade, twenty-three for third grade, twenty-four for fourth grade and twenty-five for fifth grade.

The strength of Southfield Christian Elementary School rests in the quality faculty and staff working with children. Consequently, faculty and staff must meet stringent guidelines, designed to assess spiritual maturity and commitment, academic qualifications and experience, and an obvious concern for the development and discipleship of students. All regular classroom teachers hold a minimum of a B.A. degree and Michigan certification. Specialty teachers instruct in library, art, music, band, physical education, computers, and Spanish. Our elementary faculty has an average of over fourteen years of teaching experience.
Located in Southfield, Michigan, Southfield Christian School is a private Christian school educating young men and women in grades Preschool-12. Students benefit from a challenging, college-preparatory education grounded on the principles of the Bible, Southfield Christian School seeks to prepare young people to live full and productive lives.

A Ministry of Highland Park Baptist Church