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The heart of Southfield Christian School is our faculty.  Their dedication, passion, and expertise give life to our mission and reality to our vision.  They carry out this mission daily through their innovative instruction, care and discipleship of students, and their willingness to serve.  Southfield Christian's faculty are very mission focused and purpose driven, modeling for students what it looks like to answer and commit to God's call.  They relentlessly pursue excellence and, therefore, require the best from both their students and themselves.

SCS has 61 faculty members with 62% holding advanced degrees and two faculty holding doctoral degrees. The average faculty tenure is 12 years with an average of 17 years teaching experience.

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School Board

Southfield Christian School (SCS) governing authorities and administration are fundamentally guided by a Biblical worldview.  As such, leadership is approached in terms of servanthood as described in Matthew 20:25-28, as well as in terms of submitting to the laws of the land as written in Romans 14:1-5.  This means that actions, words, goal and policy setting, supervising and evaluating are carried out with a  sense of accountability to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  SCS operates according to a clear organizational structure with the School Board of Directors at the top of the organization.

Antonio Stokes, Chair
Kurt Siebenaller, Vice Chair
Irma Henderson, Secretary & Treasurer

Jeanne Christie
Tom Donnan
Leola Gee
Jessica Jenkins
Mindy Leonard
Sam Reddypogu
Beth Walters
Carl Wellborn
Jackie Williams
Pursuing Excellence for the Glory of God.

Southfield Christian School

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