Each year there is a significant gap between the income from tuition and the actual cost of a quality Christian PK-12 education. We do not charge more because it would exclude so many wonderful children from this amazing opportunity. Therefore, the gap leaves us wishing for things that the tuition does not cover.

SCS Has the Following Active Funds:

located on the  E-Giving Site  

  • General Fund – goes toward the general budget.
  • Pelton-Hall Scholarship fund – contributions and pledge payments to this fund go toward the SCS tuition assistance program.
  • Memorial Fund (“in the name of”) – contributions are used according to the surviving family’s instructions.
  • Student Benevolence Fund – contributions are used to ‘sponsor’ students by paying all or a portion of their tuition and/or fees.  A letter of intended or suggested student(s) or family to benefit from the contribution(s) must be supplied by the donor.  If the name of the student or family is written in the memo line of the check, then the contribution is not tax-deductible.
  • Year-End Giving - donations allow SCS to enhance our buildings and facilities, strengthen our technology and curriculum, and expand arts and athletics.  

Donors can make contributions via:

  • Cash and Check
  • Online via the SCS E-Giving site. The E-Giving site gives many payment options, including ACH and Credit Card; plus donors can choose one-time and recurring donations according to a schedule of their choosing.
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