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Middle School


We are glad you are interested in pursuing Southfield Christian School, and we look forward to serving you and your family while guiding you through our admissions process.  

Steps to Apply

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Documents may be submitted through your personal SCS admissions page once you create an account, or you may send us the documents by email to, by fax at 248.356.2810, by mail, or in person.

Post Admissions

After the interview and acceptance, we require the following steps to complete the student's enrollment.

  1. Submit a student enrollment agreement with the enrollment fee.  The enrollment fee is $275 for the first student, plus $125 for each additional student. Enrollment fees are collected upon submission of the online enrollment agreement and will reserve your child's placement.
  2. Set up tuition payments through FACTS Management. You will receive an email from FACTS to initiate this process. 

Middle School (6th - 8th) Admissions Criteria

We consider a number of criteria for students applying for admission to Southfield Christian School, including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Christian Faith – At least one parent (which in the case of divorced parents must be the parent with whom the student primarily resides) must be "born again" (that is, a follower of Jesus Christ who knows Him as their personal Savior). Additionally, high school students must also be “born again” and able to share their testimony.
  2. Christian Lifestyle – Students must come from a family that celebrates biblical values.
    1. The family's active participation in a local church is an important factor in granting admission. Families should be attending church services on a weekly basis (more often than not) for learning and growing in faith, but also for using the gifts God has given us to serve others.
    2. Parents and students are asked to adhere to the school's Lifestyle Statement, which includes biblically based standards and teachings regarding marriage, sexual immorality, gender identity and homosexual lifestyles. 
  3. Academic Achievement - Students must have a "B" average on their report card in the core subjects, and score at grade level (above the 50th percentile) on nationally administered achievement tests.  (For example, standardized tests such as ACT Aspire, MAP, MStep, and IOWA.)
  4. Personal Character - Both the student and parent's character, and reputation in the community, must be satisfactory and a desire to attend Southfield Christian School must be evident.
Upon admission to Southfield Christian School the parent and high school student will be deemed to have read and agree with Southfield Christian School's Doctrinal Statement, Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Lifestyle Statement, and that all matters pertaining to admission, retention, discipline, curriculum and biblical values will be determined in accordance with these statements, which are included with this application and can be found on the We Believe page of our website.

Admissions Staff

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    Debbie Collins 

    Admissions Coordinator
    248-357-3660 ext.305
Located in Southfield, Michigan, Southfield Christian School is a private Christian school educating young men and women in grades Preschool-12. Students benefit from a challenging, college-preparatory education grounded on the principles of the Bible, Southfield Christian School seeks to prepare young people to live full and productive lives.

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