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Academic Probation

67% (D) or below - ineligible for all extracurricular activities for a marking period. Probation is a serious step and may lead to the eventual dismissal of the student. A second marking period of probation during any academic school year disqualifies a student from returning to SCS. The probation period begins the day report cards have been issued and ends the day report cards have been distributed for the following quarter. During this time all positions of trust and responsibility will be relinquished. School attendance is also limited from 8:15 am-3:15 pm unless the primary reason to come earlier and/or stay later is to gain academic help.

Academic Athletic Policies

The following academic policies govern the participation of students in athletic school events. However, they are also applied in principle to all extracurricular school events. 

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  • 1. Eligibility - Full Status

    Any student with an average of 75% (2.0 GPA) or above and with no course failure is eligible to participate in the sport of choice. Periodic checks may be done throughout the marking period by the counselor should individual student performance warrant it. Official checks are made half-way through each marking period and also through the report cards issued at the end of each quarter. 
  • 2. Ineligibility - Partial Status

    Any student with an average between 68%-74% and/or a course failure at the end of a marking period may participate on a limited basis according to the following policy: 
    A. The student may participate in practice only. The student may not play in any home or away games for two weeks. There are no exceptions. 
    B. The student may not attend home or away games even as a spectatorAt the end of that two-week period, the student's average will be recomputed. 
    1. If it is 75% or above (and with no course failure), the student is reinstated. However, a second two-week check will be made to insure continued achievement at 75% or above. All athletes declared ineligible on the basis of the report card average must participate in both the two-week and the four-week checks. 
    2. If it is below 75% (or with a course failure), a second two-week period of ineligibility is assigned. If the student does not achieve a 75% with no failures by the end of the second two-week period, the student is declared ineligible for the remainder of the quarter. The athlete may not practice or play in games and may attend games only as a spectator. 
    C. The two-week ineligibility status begins the day report cards are distributed. 
    D. Students are responsible to pick up Eligibility Grade Check Cards from the guidance office and have their teachers initial them on the two check dates. Students should then return these cards to the guidance office. 
  • 3. Probation

    Athletes with an average below 68% at the end of a marking period are declared ineligible for the entire next marking period. Probation begins the Wednesday report cards are distributed and ends on the day report cards are next distributed. Two quarters of probation in one school year disqualify a student from returning to SCS. 
  • 4. Progress Reports

    At any progress report time, athletes may again be screened for eligibility status. Overall average must be 75% or better with no course failures. Athletes who become ineligible at progress report time are ineligible for one school week (5 school days) following the issue of the progress reports and must miss at least one game/match/meet. At the end of the 5 school days, if the athlete is still below 75% or has a course failure, one more week of ineligibility is served. If at the end of that second week the athlete is still ineligible, one more week of ineligibility is served. If at the end of that third week the athlete is still ineligible, the athlete is ineligible for the remainder of the quarter. Athletes who become eligible after the first, second or third week may return to full-team status but must undergo one more check a week later to be sure the effort sticks. During the time of ineligibility the athlete may participate in practice but not play in any home or away games. The athlete may not attend any home or away game(s) as a member of the team, but may attend as a spectator. 
  • 5. MHSAA

    The high school is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and adheres to all MHSAA eligibility requirements. 

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