If you would like to request a change to your schedule, please download and fill out the Schedule Change Request Form.

  1. Students must take a minimum of 5.5 credits per year and have a full day's (7 periods) schedule of classes. The normal academic schedule requires a student to carry five major courses and two elective courses. Students taking two or more Advanced Placement classes may take 5.25 credits per year.
  2. Students are allowed only one class of media studies (study hall) per semester. Seventh hour early dismissal and office or teacher aides are equivalent to a study hall.
  1. All students must carry at least six classes each semester with a minimum of 5.5 total credits. 
  2. Students may not add a class after the second week of the semester.
  3. Students with seven classes may drop one class up until the last five (5) weeks of the semester. During the final five (5) weeks of a semester, students may not drop a class.  After the first five weeks of the semester a WP (withdrew passing) or a WF (withdrew failing) will be noted on the permanent record.
  4. Students may not drop a class if doing so would:
    1. Give the student any combination of two study halls, teacher aids, early dismissals, or late arrivals.
    2. Move the student below having at least five majors and one minor class.
  5. All drops must have a written note from the parents and approval from the instructor and counselor.
  6. Off-campus schoolwork during the school day (e.g., OTEC) is considered to be an early dismissal. As such, all class periods at SCS must be taken for credit.
  7. In yearlong courses, the student may drop the second semester at the end of the first semester if any one of these conditions is met:
    1. The semester average drops below 73%.
    2. The course is Advanced Placement.
    3. The teacher requests it.
    4. The principal requests it.

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