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Keeping the mission of the department in view, an academic accommodation request procedures that are consistent with the ACT Policy for Documentation Guiding Principles has been implemented. It states:
ACT has long provided accommodations to students with disabilities and is committed to compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In this regard, ACT has adopted the following guiding principles for responding to requests from examinees for test accommodations:
  1. Requirements and procedures for test accommodations must ensure fairness for all candidates, both those seeking accommodations and those testing under standard conditions. 
  2. Accommodations must be consistent with ADA requirements and appropriate and reasonable for the documented disability. 
  3. Accommodations must not result in an undue burden, as that term is used under the ADA, or fundamentally alter that which the test is designed to measure. 
  4. Documentation of the diagnosis must meet guidelines that are considered to be appropriate by qualified professionals and must provide evidence that the person's impairment substantially limits one or more major life activities. Applicants must also provide information about prior accommodations made in a similar setting, such as in academic classes and other testing situations
Please note that the term “disability” is used in order to be consistent with the terminology used by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the ACT Corporation. 42 

Accommodations Services Procedures

The following outlines the procedure for requesting academic accommodations, explains the required evaluations and supporting documentation for an accommodation request to be considered, the rights and responsibilities of students seeking accommodations, and the rights and responsibilities of Southfield Christian School regarding any accommodations request.

  1. A Southfield Christian School student who has a disability for which (s)he want to receive reasonable accommodations should contact the Director of Academic Services.
  2. Services may be provided upon completion of the following steps:
    • Submission of the Accommodations Request Form.
    • Submission of current and comprehensive disability documentation.
    • A meeting with the DAS for an initial interview. During the interview the student and parents will meet with the DAS to discuss his/her documentation requirements, eligibility for services, and to formally request accommodations.
    • The student has 30 days from the date of the initial interview with the DAS to submit the Accommodations Request Form and supporting disability documentation.
    • A review of documentation has been completed and eligibility for accommodations has been verified by the DAS. Accommodation requests must be substantiated by the functional limitations detailed in the disability documentation.
  3. If the request is granted, then the student and parents will attend a Learning Team Meeting with the DAS, principal, and his/her teachers to discuss the types of accommodations granted and to ensure all parties are clear on how the accommodations will be implemented. If at any time after this meeting a student needs to review accommodations, then the student should contact the DAS.
  4. The DAS will create and maintain a physical file for students who qualify for services. The file will be maintained in secure storage for up to five years after the last year in which the students are enrolled at SCS.
  5. A student wishing to appeal the decision of the DAS may refer to the High School Principal.

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*Students may also register for Mastery Skills Course through Southfield Christian School
In order to properly identify appropriate reasonable accommodations, the DAS may need to discuss documentation with physicians, psychologists or other appropriate professionals to request clarification or additional information regarding the student’s disability. Information provided to SCS is confidential documentation and evaluation information will not be released without the signed consent of the student and parent/guardian. 

Adapted 6/2013 from the following: ACT Corporation, University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Spelman College, The Association of Higher Education and Disabilities
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