Mark 10:45

Program Description

The Mark 10:45 Cord Award is a distinguished volunteer service award available to High School students who earn a yearly minimum of 40 hours of community service/volunteering during their 9-12th grade years of high school, totaling at least 160 hours at the end of their senior year. Recipients of the Mark 10:45 cord award will receive a red cord to wear on their robes at graduation in recognition of their achievement. Additionally, all students who complete 40 hours of service in a given school year according to the guidelines below will receive a certificate in recognition of their service.
"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many."  -  Mark 10:45

Important details regarding the Mark 10:45 Cord Award:

  • Any questions as to whether a service will count should be cleared by the Director of Academic Services prior to the service.
  • Students must pick up the service verification forms in the Academic Services Office with Mrs. Matthews and take the form with them to the volunteer site to get signed by their supervisor.
  • The volunteer service must be supervised by an adult who is employed by the organization, or is an established volunteer who is recognized by the organization. 
  • Family members and/or fellow students cannot act as the supervisor, nor can they verify volunteer hours unless pre-approved by the Director of Academic Service (exceptions may include family members who run a non-profit or ministry organization outside of your home). 
Verification of Supervisor and Submission Hours 
  • Upon completion of service hours, students are REQUIRED to fill out the Service Verification Form and have it signed by the supervisor at the site. The form also serves as a place for students to reflect on their service. 
  • Students should keep track of hours on an ongoing log if the experience is more than a one-time event.
Distribution of Hours 
  • Students should look to accumulate 40 approved hours per year for all four years-totaling 160 hours by the end of their senior year. *See note on pro-rated hours below. 
  • The total of 40 hours each year should be completed through a variety of volunteer experiences and organizations with a minimum of two (2) different service events/organizations. 
  • No more than 20 hours will be credited for any one experience, organization or service event (including LEAD, Crew, Encore, Missions Trips, Boy Scouts, Church, etc). 
  • Mark 10:45 cord starts the first day of a student's freshman school year; no hours prior to that day will count.
Missions Trips/Ministry Days 
  • For trips covering multiple days, only up to 8 working hours may be counted each day for a total of 20 hours total for any given trip. Travel, clean-up, and relaxation days will not count towards service hours. Verification from trip supervisor may be sought if a question arises about the number or working hours students spent on a trip. 
  • Transfer Students.
  • If a student transfers into the school district after their freshman year, the required hours will be pro-rated dependent upon their current grade classification.
Transfer Students
  •  If a student transfers into the school district after their freshman year, the required hours will be pro-rated dependent upon their current grade classification.

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  • Photo of Tressa Matthews

    Tressa Matthews 

    Director of HS Academic Services and Math Teacher
    248-357-3660 ext.261

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  • Examples of Acceptable Hours

      • Raking of leaves and/ or shoveling of snow for a person in need (not family)
      • Accepted church activities include, but are not limited to:
        • Participation with leading Sunday/Wednesday school
        • Vacation bible school
        • Babysitting during religious services
        • Working on a sound crew
        • Recording/videotaping a service
        • Mission trips
      • Fundraisers (Salvation Army, ringing bells, etc.)
      • City, community, and school cleanup
      • Blood drive as long as it is not for class
      • Nursing home and day care facility work; must be organized & must be pre-approved by the facility
      • Working at a Soup Kitchen or Food Bank
      • Special Olympics
      • Meeting a clear NEED for a Non-Profit Organization
  • Examples of Hours NOT Accepted

      • Anything to do with family (you should be helping your family already)
      • Cleaning tables at lunch (including doing someone else’s)
      • Simple good deeds (opening a door)
      • Baby/dog sitting for individuals, if paid
      • Compensated hours (Mark 10:45 Cord hours cannot involve payment of any kind)
      • School activities such as sale of prom tickets and homecoming events in which a club is responsible and the student is a member of the club
      • Anything performed during school hours unless approved by a coordinator in charge (exception: Crew)
      • Fundraising for yourself
      • Anything that earns the student credit towards a letter grade in a class
      • Political Campaigns
      • Coaching Youth Sports Teams
      • Working for a for-profit business


If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Academic Services office.  In keeping with the integrity of this being a student-driven initiative, all correspondence should be initiated by the student.
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